Stock Number: ATT192
Make: CAT
Model: Skid Steer Forks
Year: 2011

Stock Number: EQU004017
Make: Clark
Model: TM20
Year: 1991

Stock Number: 207016
Make: Hyundai
Model: 250D-7E
Year: 2013

Stock Number: 232198
Make: WackerNeuson
Model: WK HI400HD D
Year: 2013

Stock Number: 2-18-ED143390
Model: WG3-12-550

Stock Number: EQC009416
Make: Genie
Model: GTH1056
Year: 2011

Stock Number: 2-18-UEF73
Make: Misc
Model: FORKS

Stock Number: EQC004699
Make: JLG
Model: 1930ES
Year: 2011

Stock Number: 212456
Make: JLG
Model: 800AJ
Year: 2014

Stock Number: 232183
Make: WackerNeuson
Model: WK HI400HD D
Year: 2013

Stock Number: EQU003439
Make: Yale
Model: GDP050
Year: 2011

Stock Number: 2-16-230414
Make: Terex-Comedil
Model: CTT181/B-8 TS21
Year: 2008

Genie Articulated Boom Lift

Genie Articulated Boom Lift

Genie lifts come in many models, with many options to carry out all kinds of industrial applications. Genie now has an expanding line of articulating and telescoping booms lifts that come powered by hybrid, bi-energy or electric Depending on the location and the task there are Genie equipment to suit all of your application needs. There are Genie equipment that are right for rough terrains, outdoors or indoors.

Genie lifts have energy-saving mechanisms which allow the machines to run optimally by allowing more than one function to be utilized at the same time. Genie lifts feature remarkable control through proportional lift and drive controls that enable for excellent drive performance and accurate boom positioning. Additionally, Genie narrow electric lifts have the added advantage of operating within narrow work areas. The array of workable heights is anywhere between 10.87 meters to 14.32 meters. Genie narrow lifts are very easy to control on tight turning and rotating platforms, which means that the machines can fit through standard-sized doorways, work close to other obstacles or a building, access overhead loads and access work in crowded places. These features help the operator to get tasks done more efficiently and faster.

To provide better work efficiency than all other aerial platforms, Genie has built a line of telescopic S booms which are built to increase the capabilities of its horizontal reach. Genie's articulating Z booms are adaptable, best for use in hard-to-reach work places, the arms can perform up, over, and in out positions. Genie also has trailer-mounted Z booms which may be perfect for your company when needing to reach loads which are both low and high. Controls on the trailer-mounted Z booms have simple graphics which are easy to interpret. They feature a superior operating envelope, are easy to haul, and units which have the Genie Automatic Levelling System on board could lessen setup time as it could self-level on any type of terrain.

Depending on your work site requirements, Genie can customize all of their booms with a variety of options and packages which are best suited to your business requirements. With all of the available options and features, Genie could help provide you with cost effective machinery to make your business more productive and efficient.

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