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Manitou Forklifts California

To be able to lessen forklift repairs, regular inspections could help you save greatly over the long haul use of your equipment. The standing joke in the industry is a forklift technician coining the saying "Pay me now, or pay me later," because it normally costs more to procrastinate when it comes to forklifts. Like for instance, the minor fixes which go unrepaired could eventually turn into costly repairs.

Tilt Cylinders
Oil leaks are a really serious issue if they are not checked. Check for oil leaks or damage regularly. Oil leakage could result in uncontrolled mast movement and this could be very dangerous. Whether the leaks are outside or inside the cylinder, the end result can result in cylinder drift and loss of vital fluid. When damage or leaks are detected, you usually would need to replace the seals or the entire cylinder assembly.

Be sure to pay attention because you don't want mast lift chains to stretch beyond acceptable limits. Look carefully for any signs of wear and tear or damage. Regularly check a chain wear gauge in order to monitor the wear. If the chain is rusted or worn beyond 2%, it is time to replace the chain. Following these tips would help keep your equipment functioning optimally.

When operating the lift control lever, the mast has to be moved up and down smoothly, making sure to check if the mast is moving smoothly forwards and backwards. You may need to lubricate the mast strip sliding surfaces if the sliding surfaces are binding. Lubricate their fittings too, as there is a fitting located on either side of the inner mast. The lift bracket side rollers are one more lubrication spot.

Inspect the forks and check for wear, cracks and damage. It is essential to remember that cracked or worn blades can possibly fail without any warning. Any damaged fork of course means immediately taking the truck out of service. If the cracks are deeper than just on the surface, they must be replaced because they really can't be safely repaired.

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Manitou Forklifts California

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